How do I know that I might have allergies?

  • Do you have an itchy, runny nose and sneezing?
  • Do you have itchy, watery eyes?
  • Do you always have a stuffy nose?
  • Do you breathe only through your mouth often?

These are signs of allergic rhinitis.

How are allergies diagnosed?

  • We will take your history and perform a physical exam.
  • If needed, we will perform skin or blood allergy testing.

What can be done about allergies?

  • Using the medical history and allergy testing results, we will make suggestions on how to avoid the things that you are allergic to.
  • We can recommend medications that can help to prevent and relieve allergy symptoms and prevent complications from allergies such as sinusitis.
  • We will discuss allergy shots, also known as allergen immunotherapy, the most effective treatment for nasal allergy.